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1.  Palang Tod

The story is about the life of a youngster and two ladies. He falls in love with the young girl which changes the equation. With love taking over the relationship, he gets confused whom to accept. Can everyone get the love they wish for? 


2. Taxi 

A girl meets a guy in a bar, which turns into an unexpected event. After this rendezvous, the girl takes a cab for her next destination. But it seems like fate has something else in store for her. ullu app


3. Size Matters 2

When distressed Aarohi cheats on her sister for a self seeking goal, she finds herself confined in an unpleasant situation. Aarohi continues trying ludicrous ways to get in shape, but her actions drew bigger problems and disgracedisgrace.

4. D Code

The wife of a famous star is upset with her husband. Because her husband, along with another girl, comes to the house and does bad things at home. And his wife keeps watching all these things secretly. She tells all her troubles to her mother. Her mother tells many remedies but all those remedies show the reverse effect. Instead of doing good, they spoil. Because when she goes to do something romantic for her husband, on the contrary, her husband becomes angrier. But will she be able to get her husband's love back?

5. Tandoor

Tandoor is an investigative thriller where Rashami Desai plays the role of Palak, an aspiring politician who gets married to her lover secretly. She wants to soon disclose this to the media but her husband doesn't reciprocate her love and she gradually drifts away from him and find solace in another man.

Bagicha restaurant is doing business as usual but suddenly the restaurant manager Keshav asks the crowd to leave the place much before the time annoying everyone while also tells his staff to spend the night at his place.Inspector Abdul Rashid notices smoke coming from the restaurant and huge fire coming from the restaurant's Tandoor soon he notices a part of human body popping out of the Tandoor and alerts its officials.Keshav is held for the crime and he revels that the restaurant belongs to a politician Sahil Sharma ,while the cops recover a burnt skeleton from the Tandoor and takes help of forensic and try to trace Sahil whose absconding.Aiyaz comes to police station to identify the body and revels it belongs to Palak and is sure that Sahil killed her as he suspected Aiyaz and Palak were having an affair.

6. Pratiksha

Pratiksha Singh a humble television star witnessed a downfall in her stardom post her controversial love affair with a flamboyant free-spirited hunk Chirag, before her eventual suicide that thrilled the entertainment world. A US-based journalist Abhay, seeks the truth behind her death and finds the hidden secrets of her relationship with her father and her possessive boyfriend.

7. Dance Bar

When Dhanraj Shikhavat, a business tycoon, expresses his love for Ayesha, a bar dancer, he finds himself in a strange situation as Ayesha puts forth three conditions to get laid with him. And then the story unfolds.

8. Prabha Ki Dairy

An unsatisfied wife who desires to win her husband's love, continues to fail till a stranger enters her life. Her first instinct is to shut him out and suppress her feelings but she couldn't resist the blazing passion for long... A shut door which is eventually opened, comes to stand as a metaphor for the exploration of female desire.

9. Peshawar

Peshawar is based on a terrorist attack that took place at Peshawar's Army Public School on 16 December 2014, in which more than 148 people, most of them being children were killed.

10. Kavita Bhabhi

Kavita is a young erotic woman who consults the men on phone calls and cure them  by telling them her bed stories.

11. Wanna Have A Good Time 2

A  young businessman Roshan with is attractive and appealing personality dates a spoil brat Rena. They plan a date and a night that becomes memorable. On their special night, a loud person like Rena and chirpy gets astonished ...Watch the show Wanna Have Good Time 2 to know what happened.

12.  Wife In A Metro

When a bleeding heart is pampered by unexpected love, relationships bloom. But what happens when trifling transverse connections between two turn their world upside down? Story of a lonely heart. "Wife In a Metro".

13. Subhratri

The plot revolves around the ongoing new relationship between the shy husband and his erotic wife. Right from the day of their marriage, she tries to have s*x with her husband but, he keeps refusing her every time. Explaining her situation to a close friend, the wife starts getting ideas to have her good time with her husband and keeps trying them, every now and then. As the effect works, her husband transforms himself and starts getting into a romantic mood with his wife.

14.  Anniversary Surprise

The story of this series revolves around two-three characters, of which Raj, Priyanka, and Mahi. In Anniversary surprise, there is murder at the resort, but it is not known who the murderer is. Many people are suspected because something seems wrong in everyone's story.

15. Kasek

Kasak' is the story about a girl, who was violently attacked and raped because of which she was in a semi-comatose for the rest of her life.

16. Riti Riwaj

Tribal village in Maharashtra have a man with more then one wife each allocated to do daily household chores.Shanta is the only wife of Bhagatram she forces him to do second marriage as she is fed up of doing all the work alone.Bhagatram marries Beena and Shanta feels jealous of her when seeing her getting intimate with Bhagatram.Beena hurts her self while going to fill water and cant do the chores Shanta then forces Bhagatram to do third marriage.Bhagatram marries Maya who feels ignored in between the first two wives and has an affair outside while Beena is found dead in village.

17. Khul Ja Sim Sim

The plot revolves around a newly married couple and the dreams of a girl who loves experiments and fun in marital relation

18. Halala

The web series revolves around the story of a newly-wed Muslim couple who have to negotiate with the practice of Nikaah Halala after Triple Talaq. Afza (Shafaq Naaz) and Raahil (Ravi Bhatia) are happily married. But Raahil gives Triple Talaq to Afza in a fit of rage. To save their broken marriage, Raahil takes his friend, Zaid's (Eijas Khan) help, as the only option left with them is Nikaah Halala.

19. Panchali

In a remote village, four brothers Yogi, Nandu, Jinu and Balli are married to the same woman, Bhoomi. All have physical relationship with her and she has a son, Anshu. But, nobody knows who is his father among the four. Kshitee, their younger brother who lives in city arrives and as per family tradition, even he has to marry Bhoomi. But, he declines as he is well educated and does not believe in customs. Yogi, the elder brother, who is more of a spiritual person, feels that by doing this, Kshitee is insulting their deity which could lead to something bad. So, Bhoomi tries to seduce Kshitee.

20. Melting Cheese

A story about agog unwinding, when a wife (Neena) becomes friends with her philandering husband's (Anand) office secretary (Meena)

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